SignalFrame and the IoT

Source: Next Step in Government Data Tracking Is the Internet of Things. (2020, November 28). Wall Street Journal

The US Air Force awarded a $50,000 grant to commercial platform SignalFrame, a Washington DC based wireless technology company. SignalFrame uses cellphone data to tap into any peripheral devices connected to the…

From basic concepts to not so basic concepts

Linear regression is the first step to understanding machine learning. We start our exploration into linear regression by considering simplest possible situation — linear functions.

A linear function

New York University (NYU), like most schools, charges its part-time students by credit-hour. …

Outcomes, sample spaces, and events

In part 1 we considered some examples of random experiments and sketched some probability concepts that we will cover more thoroughly later. In particular we decided that the probability of tossing heads in one flip of a coin should be 1/2. This was easy because…

A few examples to start with

Probability theory is the among the most fascinating subjects you can study. It comes with an enormous variety of fascinating concrete examples and challenging problems. But if you crack open any graduate-level textbook on probability you will notice that mathematicians and statisticians use on…

Glenn Henshaw

Interests: Math and data

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